Buying Google Adsense Account And Monetization Tips

Today, I write an article to answer one of the concerns of some of my readers. After the article I published that was written based on my Google Adsense earnings, I received a few emails from readers who wanted to know whether google adsense is good to monetize their blog.

I am always happy to answer my blog visitors question. It is always with great pleasure that I bring you solutions via my articles to grow your internet business.

How To Buy Adsense Account If You Don’t Have One?

Simple, you can go to and buy a new adsense account. They are very friendly guys and i highly suggest them if you don’t have an adsense account before. They can get your adsense account approved even if you are banned from the adsense program in the past.

When You Must Not Use Google Adsense Account?

Before publishing articles on my blog with adsense ads, I myself do testing by putting some adsense blocks on my blog. I will do some initial testing to make sure how much my adsense account makes.

Also, before writing this review article, I again allowed to put advertising on my new blog for two days. But the results are not good as i expected so i removed it.

What you need to know is when you have a website that represents your brand or when you have products that you sell on your blog, i advise you to not use adsense to monetize your site.

The first reason is simple: Your customer will be diverted to some other website via adsense ads.

Sometimes you will not have enough traffic in that case you will always loose your visitors via adsense.

When a user clicks on an adsense ad, it is likely he will not return to your site unless he is your regular blog visitor.

It’s true that will make a few cents but by adding advertising on a site that represents your brand, you reduce your chances of selling your own products for pennies.

If by adsense advertising you earn 0.3€ per click, you will need 1,000 clicks to generate an income of 300 euros per month.  So if your product costs € 27 for example, 12 sales is more than sufficient for the same amount.

This is huge and it is better to replace the adsense block with subscription forms to get the email address of your visitors.

The second reason relates to those buying visitors


Personally, after several tests, I prefer to use Google Adsense on only niche sites and those sites only make money for me.

Again, it would need a huge traffic to the website, a promise of reasonable cpc (cost per click) and especially that I do not have a product to sell on the site.

So these are style MFA sites (Made for Adsense).

You can also put advertisements on general sites that target a general public like news sites that you have installed for information sharing and you don’t have any plan to sell your own products.

And what about affiliate sites?

In case if your site model is based on affiliation, you need to consider adsense again as a second choice.

If you have low traffic, forget Adsense and maximize your affiliate income.

Here ends this article. I hope it brings you a clear answer on Adsense and make a choice for monetizing your blog.

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